The daily food my child consumes is important as it not just helps during his early stages of growing up, but also the later part of his life. Besides giving my child the energy to play, food also plays a major part in his well-being and development of a healthy body and mind.

Nutrition is vital to the first fifteen years of my child’s life due to the forming of his muscles and bones. Moreover, a well-balanced nutrition will prevent my child from falling sick easily. Therefore, when my son started weaning onwards, I have to set the nutrition fundamentals right. Most importantly, my boy’s nutrition begins with me.

How I Practice Good Eating Habits

My child’s nutrition will always begin with me as a Dad. What and how I consume my meals will have a direct impact on my child as he will likely follow my eating habits. If I were to have my meals while watching television, my child would think that this is perfectly normal.

How I set up a good eating habit is to always consume my meals on the dining table. With fewer distractions from television, we eat and chew our food better. This in return prevents overeating and better food digestion. Dining together is also a good way for family bonding.

How I Practice Good Nutritional Habits

The food pyramid is essential, and it is important that I educate my child with this knowledge. This will help my child discover different types of food and their levels of intake. A healthy start will always begin with veggies, fruits, lean meat and fish. Allowing my child to discover more food will be better because, in the long run, he will have more food selections.

As a parent, I need to educate my child about nutrition and let him understand what food colouring and preservatives exactly are. Choosing natural ingredients and prepared them at home is the best way to minimise these additives.

Nutrition is more than just vitamin A and protein. It is about cultivating good eating habits. We, as parents, are the one who put the food on the dining table. A little change to our eating habits and our selections of food will definitely improve our children overall well-being.

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