Many of our everyday things like documents and photographs have been digitalized and stored into our portable smart devices or cloud networks. With a stylus, we can open up an electronic book, or ebook, and scribble notes into it. On our smart devices, we can easily download our photographs stored in the cloud server and show them to our friends. This is how convenient technology has turned our lives into.

When I looked back 10 years ago, I owned a Canon Bubblejet printer and a CanoScan LiDE 25 scanner. Back then, to be able to print colours for my school notes is a luxury thing to do. When there is a school project to be submitted, I would usually scan pictures from books, cropped them and insert into my report. It was later when the revolution of digital cameras steps in, Canon’s printers supported the printing of photographs.

Today, many electronic devices are designed and made compact. Likewise, the printer and scanner have merged into a single multifunctional device that can print, scan and copy. One such multifunctional printer is the Canon’s latest product, the PIXMA E560. This printer is not just compact, it also has many other great functions to offer to the consumers.


Canon PIXMA E560 Wireless Printer


Close Look On PIXMA E560

With glossy piano black surface, the Canon’s new multifunctional printer looks good in my house. On the top on this multifunctional printer, the first thing I noticed was the large buttons with LED indicators. The scanning mechanism is also on top.


Canon PIXMA E560 Wireless Printer


Instead of using rear tray paper loading found on most home printers, the PIXMA E560 handles it’s papers by using front tray loading. This All-In-One printer uses two ink cartridges, the PG-89 black ink and CL-99 colour ink.


Canon PIXMA E560 Wireless Printer


It Has Wireless Capability

This Canon’s latest multifunction printer, PIXMA E560, has an in-built wireless technology. The term “wireless” is going to change the way on how we look at home printers. Using the Canon’s PIXMA app on the iOS or Android platform, we can execute scanning, printing, copying and even waking up the printer on standby mode through the use of this wireless mobile printing solutions.

Now, you can place this device anywhere in your house with no more hideous USB cable.


Canon PIXMA E560 Wireless Printer


Better Ink Efficiency At Lower Cost

The PIXMA E560 is Canon’s first ink efficient printer with WIFI capability. It’s ink cartridges PG-89 ($20) black ink can print up to 800 pages and CL-99 ($24) colour ink can print up to 300 pages. Comparing to another ink efficient model MG2570S, it’s ink cartridges PG-745 ($24) black ink and CL-746 ($36) colour ink can print up to 180 pages each. Both are tested to print on A4 size papers. With cheaper ink cartridges and ability to print more, this makes the PIXMA E560 an affordable package to consider.

Personally, I have printed two coloured copies using different ink settings, the Draft and Fine. Despite the Fine mode printing looks much sharper and richer in colours, Draft mode looks pretty good too. For now, I feel Draft mode printing is good enough for all my printing jobs.


Canon PIXMA E560 Wireless Printer


No More Wrong Feeding

Have you encounter feeding your papers back into the loading tray to get it printed 2 sides, but ended up feeding the wrong page or orientation? I have. The Canon’s PIXMA E560 has the ability to do auto 2 sided printing. This in return improve the level of productivity and less hassle of flipping pages.


Canon PIXMA E560 Wireless Printer


Why Should I Do Photograph Printing?

Canon has always been a technological leader in the printing industry and again, it has brought the capability of photo printing technology into PIXMA E560. Back in those days where we need to leave the printed photographs aside to dry for a short while, photographs printed using E560 dries up instantly.


Canon PIXMA E560 Wireless Printer


Many of us shares our photographs into our social networks like Facebook and Instagram, but how many of us really get those beautiful shots printed? Probably 30 percent of the people today still gets their photographs printed out. Most people don’t do photo printing anymore because they feel their photographs might get ended up in the storeroom.

When a beautiful photograph is framed up onto the walls, it makes the room’s ambiance cosy and brings up some life in an empty room. Using the PIXMA E560, I have printed many photographs during my recent Phuket trip and frame them up the collage way.


Canon PIXMA E560 Wireless Printer


So, instead of just sharing your photographs into the social networks, why not consider to get some of your lovely photographs printed up and beautify your room.


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