I rarely post topics about myself in my blog, lemon-film. My thoughts for my blog was simple: share my photographs and write about my experiences. As the year 2013 has ended hours ago, I have decided to write a post about myself being the father of the year 2013.

Being a dad, life has change definitely and I will classify this type of change a healthy one. A change that mould me to be more mature in taking up responsibilities and appreciate things around me. Time has become precious to me. Advertisements and discount coupons in the newspapers seem to be attractive to me. My baby language dictionary seems to get larger every day. Reading food labels become my top priority. Of course, sleep is never enough for me.

The first year of having a baby in the house back in 2012 was difficult because of the so-called learning curve for myself. Initially, I bought 2 books (“What to Expect When You’re Expecting” by Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel and “The Essential Guide For First-time Asian Mums And Dads”) to get my theory right, but nothing beats a hands-on practical crash course with my mum and the confinement auntie. The most terrible and memorable session in my first year was to wake up a few times in the night during my deep sleep to warm up the breast milk from the fridge, while my boy was crying loudly impatiently. I could barely open my eyes back then. Did I sleepwalk?

My most enjoyable session in my first year was to head down to the wet market to get the freshest ingredients and cook healthy meals for my boy. Heading to the wet market is not an easy task because those uncles and aunties are very good in bargaining food prices. If you have never experience that before, try standing at a fish stall in a crowded wet market early in the morning for 5 minutes and you will understand. Bringing my boy out for shopping was easy. All I need was either a baby carrier or a stroller. As my little one grew older, this method doesn’t work anymore. It’s time to run with him! *Shag*

Crossing the second year in 2013, things starts to get slightly better, probably because I am used to it. The second year was more of setting up a good role model and put more focus on playtime sessions with my little boy. We played toy cars, football and hide and seek. Awesome! Play time is very important because that’s where he can learn the right words such as kick, find, play and push.

For Mums and Dads like me, the 4 paragraphs above ain’t sufficient to describe the events of terrible and happy moments, but all I can say is these moments are definitely precious and do enjoy these growing up journey with your little ones as much as possible before they grew up too fast. *wink*

Thanks for reading this post! Have a great 2014 New Year!



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