When comes to Bang & Olufsen (B&O in short), I could easily relate to their minimalistic and odd shaped audio product designs. Placing their audio products anywhere in your home simply make it look luxurious and stylish.

When comes to enjoying music, it can be very tricky. I have my own preferred sound signature and brands like Heir Audio, Sennheiser and JBL work well for me. With one hour of hands-on experience on B&O Play audio products, my audio enjoyment with these products is minimal.

Nevertheless, I will still share my own opinion on B&O Play products.

Minimalistic Design

That is Bang & Olufsen. I have no doubts about their headphones design. Wearing the headphones on your daily commute, that clean appearance and iconic B&O logo would surely make you stand out from the crowd.

The choice of colours is soft and blends well with the Beoplay’s minimalistic design. You don’t need a flashy and colourful headphones to be part of your fashion.


Active Noise Cancellation

B&O Play now offers Active Noise Cancellation which is equipped only with Beoplay wireless headphone series, H8 and H9. Priced at $699 SGD, the Beoplay H8 is on-ear while Beoplay H9 is over-ear. Both headphones have good battery life up to 14 hours with ANC and Bluetooth. If you ever run out of battery, you can still enjoy your music by plugging in an audio cable to your music player.


Longest Battery Life

The Beoplay H7 might lack the Active Noise Cancellation function but it is the longest battery life of up to 20 hours. Design to save the battery life intelligently, the H7 is wireless headphones which have an option to connect an audio cable in a case when the battery runs low.

The Beoplay H7 is priced at $599 SGD.

Most Affordable Beoplay Headphones

Priced at $399 SGD, the Beoplay H4 is targeted for music listeners who love the Bang & Olufsen sound signature but don’t wish to overspend. Available only in Charcoal Grey in Singapore, these wireless headphones can last up to 19 hours of battery life.


The reason is that it has a large battery capacity of 600mAh. It doesn’t have the touch function like the Beoplay H7, H8 and H9. Instead, the Beoplay H4 has 3 physical buttons for all the basic controls: volume, track, voice activation, audio and calls.

Design For Comfort

The most luxurious feel for any Beoplay wireless headphone series is the carefully selected premium leather and adaptive memory foam. The headphones are designed for comfort, yet still look beautiful.


Gesture Music Control

On the right side of the Beoplay H7, H8 and H9, you can easily control your listening experience by swiping, tapping and wheeling on the anodised aluminium plate. The gesture control is responsive and works well on my iPhone 7 Plus.

Replacement Battery

Bang & Olufsen is thoughtful enough to allow their customers to replace the rechargeable battery easily. The option is only available for Beoplay H7, H8 and H9.


Thoughts On Beoplay Headphones

What I love about Bang & Olufsen’s Beoplay headphones are the minimalistic design and simple interface. The H series is ergonomically comfortable to put on and the materials used are good.

The B&O sound signature on these H series headphones is flat and smooth. Listening to jazz and R&B are great but rock and pop lack the dynamism. By using the Beoplay App, you can have more control by personalising the audio quality.

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