Believe or not, women can now track their fertility easily using this wearable tech. Let’s welcome Ava, the fertility bracelet that could change your sex life. As most of us feel that intercourse is a taboo subject, this makes couples poorly informed about the natural process of human fertility. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared that infertility and subfertility are a global public health issue. With the help of in vitro fertilization (IVF) developed by Robert Edwards, 5 million babies are born globally through this medical innovation.


Today, there are much fertility tracking methods such as ovulation test kit, urine test and fertility app on your smartphone. These somehow took the romance out of sex. Doctors will also prescribe ovulation pills such as Clomiphene Citrate to regulate the ovulation which helps in fertility. Despite all these hassles in tracking and improving fertility, many couples will feel frustrated after trying for months to conceive a baby. With Ava, fertility tracking is less troublesome.


As the first and only FDA-approved medical device, Ava is a digital wearable bracelet which will detect ovulation in women through the use of high-tech sensors. This wearable measures up to nine different biological parameters. They are sleep quality, pulse rate, skin temperature, breathing rate, perfusion, movement, heat loss, heart rate variability and bioimpedance (body composition). With these collected data, Ava will be able to estimate as accurate as 89% for a woman’s 5-day fertile window period and ovulation days. It took the company more than a year of clinical study to understand the relationship between fertility and these nine different biological parameters. This makes fertility tracking no longer a chore. Instead of taking hormone pills, this is a non-invasive and safe method. If a couple who don’t wish to conceive a baby, they can avoid the fertile window period through Ava.


Worn on the woman’s wrist at night while asleep, Ava collects as many as 3 million data points. In the morning, these measured physiological parameters will be sync into the app of a smartphone. The collected data will be plotted on a chart for easier viewing.

With Ava, women can understand their body better and couples can try to conceive a baby using this amazing wearable with a higher chance. Now, couples can plan for a romantic weekend holiday and start making love. Ava is priced at US$199 and only available on their website at You can learn more about Ava in the video below.


*Images and video is from Ava Women and Digital Trends.