Beginning of this year, I weigh about 95kg, and above is a photograph of my boy and me. At the age of thirty-five, I feel the need for myself to lose weight for better health. Therefore, I started my weight loss regime which was effective during my twenties.

I make healthy food choices such as consuming high fibre food products, no sugar, no salt, and no carbohydrates for my daily intake. I will also go for a morning or evening walk five times a week with my boy. The main reason why I chose walking over running was that I do not want to stress my knees with my heavy upper body.

After struggling for four months, my weight still ranges between 95kg to 94kg. What has gone wrong? When I was about to give up on myself, I met up with Irene Chye, the founder of Absolute Slimming. With over 15 years of experience, she shared with me the main reason why I can’t lose weight was due to the slowing down of metabolism.

Starting My Weight Loss Journey With Absolute Slimming

Together with my wife, I began my weight loss journey with Absolute Slimming located at Bugis Cube, their second outlet. Their first shop is still operating at Holland Village.

Founded in 2002 by Irene Chye, the company started humbly as a home-based business in Bedok, Singapore. The secret behind Absolute Slimming’s astonishing 99% success rate is CSH therapy®, a 3-step weight loss formula created by Irene.

Let me share with you what CSH therapy® exactly is. Using the traditional Chinese approach, CSH therapy® is a natural and non-invasive weight loss treatment. It involves cupping, scraping (also known Guasha) and heat treatment.

• By stimulating the correct acupoints, cupping helps to improve the body’s metabolism and suppress the appetite at the same time.

• When comes to weight loss, body toning is essential. Scraping promotes the toning of the body, removes toxins that will encourage fat storage and regulate the blood flow.

• For targeting of a particular area, say tummy, arms or thighs, heat treatment will help to soften and break down stubborn fat cells through the use of fire.

In general, the cupping and scraping therapy will take an hour. If heat treatment is included, there will be an addition of 30 minutes to the session.

So, How Was My Weight Loss Treatment With Absolute Slimming?

Unbelievable! After my first treatment at Absolute Slimming, my appetite has gone smaller gradually. By my third treatment, an apple for lunch at 12:30 pm can last me until my dinner time at 6:30 pm. Most of the time, I don’t even feel like snacking. If I do, I will just have a kiwi or a glass of milk to fill me up. Hey, the weight loss therapy works! :)

While most people will lose about 500 grams to 1kg at their second session, I have lost 2.2kg! My knees start to feel less aching when I stand for long hours. Here is where I start to feel a positive change in my life.

During my first week of treatment, I followed Absolute Slimming’s recommended daily meal plans because I feel the need to do my part well. Although the exact details of the meal plan varies from person to person (the consultant will advise on this!), I am generally encouraged to consume vegetables, white meat and fruits such as apples and kiwis.

To be honest; I do cheat some of my meals during the second week of my program. The reason I cheated is not that I have cravings for savoury or sweet food, but because there were limited food choices. Therefore, I will avoid processed food, deep fried food or even request the sauce on the side during my order.

What Irene always educate me is to eat my meals to the point of satisfaction and never overindulge. If there is an occasion where I might over eat, I can consider replacing my next meal with a crunchy apple.

After my fourth session, my weight has dropped from 95.2kg to 92.0kg! That is 3.2kg in just two weeks. I can even wear back some of my old clothes.

My wife has also achieved successful weight loss of 1.7kg in two weeks. From Irene’s advice, men will tend to lose weight more than women because men have more muscle mass compared to women.

My Two Weeks Review Of Absolute Slimming

Absolute Slimming’s CSH therapy® has proven itself to be an effective weight loss treatment for both myself and my wife. Although heat treatment is optional, I highly recommend heat treatment for everyone.


I started my first heat treatment on my tummy during my third session at Absolute Slimming. Watching the fire on my belly, I love the burning sensation on my skin. Miraculously, my lower belly got much smaller within two days. Besides that, I could hardly feel any lumps of fat beneath the skin when squeezing my tummy. After this heat treatment, my pants start to feel looser. From size 40, I have downsized to 38.


On a customer’s perspective, I have to say that the staffs of Absolute Slimming are very professional. They never hard sell on any of their services. Instead, they treat their customers with respect and build a good relationship with them.

What makes Absolute Slimming’s customers feel valuable is there is an app made for them called MyScale. With a calendar which indicates my appointments on real-time and an overview of my weight loss progress, I know that I am always in good hands.


If you wish to start a weight loss journey too, you can visit their website at I will continue my weight loss journey with Absolute Slimming and will keep you updated on my progress in my next post.

Update: You can read about the part 2 of my weight loss journey with Absolute Slimming here.

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Tel: 6837 0640

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