More than one month has passed, and I have completed twelve weight loss treatments with Absolute Slimming located at Bugis Cube. Attending my treatments twice a week, I have lost a total of 8.5kg without much effort. That’s more than 1kg per week and near 10kg of weight loss. I am delighted that I have made such tremendous improvements with the help from Absolute Slimming.

Before I started my treatment on July, I weigh about 95kg. For a better health and to reduce the aches on my kneecaps, I made the effort to eat healthy as well as working out five times a week with my boy. Unfortunately, my weight still measures between 94kg to 95kg. This is very upsetting!

Today, my life has totally changed with the help from Absolute Slimming. For years, I have been wearing XXL or XL casual shirts. Some brands fit me well for XL, while other brands fit me better with XXL. All the time, those big sizes will make me look bulky.

After my twelve sessions with Absolute Slimming, I am wearing L size casual shirts across all brands. M size might fit me well too! Even my friends started commenting, “Hey Soon Koon, you are looking good.” Well, thanks to Absolute Slimming. *grin*


I want to share with my fellow readers about my weight loss treatment experience with Absolute Slimming. Additionally, I would also like to highlight how CSH therapy® can help someone like me, who rarely have time to exercise due to family and work commitments as well as reducing weight without any stress.

At Absolute Slimming, the founder, Irene Chye, has created an all-natural weight loss therapy called CSH therapy®. The company has been around for 15 years and their methods have up to 99% of success rate. Basically, CSH therapy® uses the Chinese approach of cupping, scraping and heat treatment to help individuals – both men or women – to increase their metabolism naturally, resulting in fast weight and inch loss.

You can refer to my first post about what CSH therapy® is here.

Please take note that the success of weight loss varies between individuals.

Difference Between Men and Women In Losing Weight

As the team at Absolute Slimming explained to me, men and women gain weight and lose weight quite differently. Women tend to store fat in a more evenly distributed manner throughout their entire bodies – and a lot of times, their stubborn fat is in their hips, waist, thighs and general lower body. However, men tend to store most of their fat in their tummy areas, and around the sides of their waist (commonly known as love handles). Also, men tend to lose weight faster than women simply because men have naturally higher muscle mass, and this muscle also helps to burn fat.

As for myself, my primary concern is my tummy and underarms. These areas are difficult to tone, and a big bulging belly will not make me look good in any clothes.

Is Absolute Slimming’s CSH Therapy® Effective?

Putting myself and my wife as case studies, CSH therapy® is really effective. Scraping and cupping help to boost metabolism and flush out harmful toxins, while heat treatment helps to speed up inch loss. When these three treatments are done together, the effect of weight loss is maximized.

To be honest, I cannot feel or sense my metabolic rate. Therefore, the best way for myself to conclude that my metabolic rate has improved with the help of the treatment is by measuring my weight. From Absolute Slimming’s MyScale app, my weight has been dropping consistently.

Please note that I did not perform any exercise, but only attended my treatments and followed the recommended meal plans daily.

Every individual reacts to scraping, or guasha, differently. Some may find it comfortable, while some may consider it painful. For myself, my first scraping treatment was painful, but subsequently, it seems like a good body massage. If there is pain during my scraping treatment, I will inform the therapist, and she will lower her strength.

Scraping helps to tone the body. After my second treatment, I realised that the visibility of the pockets of fats located at my underarms has gone less visible. Now, this is what I call body toning! *hooray*

As mentioned in my first blog post, the heat treatment has an almost immediate effect on my tummy. The heat treatment made my lower tummy smaller in just two days and firmed up my whole abdominal region.

I have shared with Irene on this, and she said that some clients experience immediate toning on their first heat treatment. For some clients who respond slower, they experience it only after their third heat treatment. Therefore, not every individuals’ body will react the same way. Thrilled to say, I am fortunate that my tummy responded quickly to the heat treatment. Now, I don’t need to struggle when wearing my jeans. It just fits!

The CSH Therapy® not only improves my metabolism and tones my body by reducing the appearance of cellulite, this treatment also helps me to curb my hunger. With this, my appetite has grown much smaller and I feel less tired after every meal.

Will There Be Any Flabby or Loose Skin After Weight Loss?

Most of the time, losing so much weight at such as short period of time will likely cause flabby or loose skin. After more than one month of treatment with nearly 10kg of weight loss, I did not encounter any saggy skin! Instead, my skin tightens gradually. No supplements, no exercise, no extreme diets, just all-natural CSH therapy®.



Absolute Slimming uses natural, non-invasive and safe techniques to help me lose weight and those inches on my waist and arms successfully. My overall body fats have also decreased significantly, from 32.1% to 28.6%. All I did was to follow Absolute Slimming’s recommended meal plans and attend my treatments twice a week. With no exercise at all, I can put my time and energy on my family. The recommended meal plans are easy to follow and I don’t feel that I am starving to lose weight.

Throughout my treatments, I have learned not to overeat during my meals and snack time. Eating clean, selecting the right food and portioning is important. So, you might ask, “Do you have any cheat days?” My answer will be yes, but not every day.

Occasionally, I will meet up with my friends for meals, which the food consumed can be high in calories, sodium or fat. Despite this, my weight loss has been consistent. Isn’t it great that I can enjoy delicious meals as well as continue to lose weight?

Do stay tuned for my next blog post because I will continue my weight loss treatments with Absolute Slimming!

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    1. Hello Catherine, my treatment is sponsored by Absolute Slimming. For a 12 session treatment will cost about $2000 to $3000. You might want to contact them through their website or Facebook Page because every individuals’ treatment plan are different.

      Hope this helps. :)

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