The Dad Behind Lemon Film


Hello there! Welcome to my blog, Lemon Film. My name is Soon Koon – the Daddy blogger behind this blog. Back in 2011, my blog was a personal photography website with minimum words and running on a free WordPress platform. Soon after writing for a year and my photographs collection got larger. So, I decided to get my own hosting and register my own domain,

Many people have often asked me, why the name Lemon Film? Back then when I created this name, brands love fruity names. Examples are Apple, Blackberry, and Raspberry Pi. So, I use Lemon. As for Film, it just a representation of film photography which I started long ago. Therefore, my blog name Lemon Film is born.

Ever since my boy is born, Lemon Film is no longer an ordinary photography blog. My whole life has changed, so does Lemon Film. Today, my blog has become a site which I share my Daddyhood life, travel, food and product reviews.

I am very fortunate to be the first featured Parent Blogger in, Singapore Dads On Instagram by Little Steps Asia and TheAsianParent. I also make my appearance on Nestle’s MOM&ME video for being a pregnant Dad.

I appreciate them recognising my work on the Internet.

Taken in Jungfraujoch in Switzerland using Sony A350 in 2010.

I took this photo in 2009. Back then, this house has been around for 31 years in Round Rock Texas. Photograph taken using Sony A350.

A headless Buddha statue in Autthaya, Thailand which I took back in 2009. Photograph taken using Sony A350.

At 6.30pm, Taipei darkens and I took this photograph from Taipei 101 viewing gallery hall. Photograph taken using Sony A350.





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With a KLOUT score of 65, this makes me the top 10% social media users around the globe. So, you can rest assured that my level of social media influence is well-measured. If you are interested in working with me, you can contact me directly at my email at koon(at)