I never love maths during my school days. Using modelling to solve problem sums and the process of figuring out the final answer of probability just take up too much of my brain power. Today, mathematics is my best friend.

I graduated with an honours degree in Engineering where mathematics is challenging. Part of my current job, I am using math to do data analysis and provide cost-saving solutions to my clients in the digital advertising world.

It is a valid statement to say that mathematics is a powerful tool which can be used in many applications today. Math can be found in many careers around the world including medicine, finance, art, engineering and science. This also means that Mathematics is the key to innovation in developing the cure for cancer, designing of our favourite electronic devices such as the iPhones and finding the renewable energy to save our Earth.

Mathematics plays a vital role for our children on both academic and their adulthood years. Math will help them to make smart and logical decisions. Here are the six reasons why you should get your child to learn and have a strong foundation of this subject.

Mathematics, The Universal Language

Regardless of race, religion, language or cultural backgrounds, everyone will understand the concept of mathematics. Formulas such as addition and subtraction are taught and recognised around the world.

Mathematics Encourages Accuracy

Precision is the nature of Math. In return, mathematics will be able to nurture your child’s ability to be more careful and meticulous for the rest of their academic subjects.


Be Aware Of Financial Realities

Will gambling make you cash rich? Maybe buying a lottery ticket will make you a millionaire, but what are the possibilities? Our children need to understand the importance of probability as well as the risk-reward ratio. They need to recognise that such events are for entertainment and they will never get back their money.

Use Mathematics To Make Healthier Choices

The amount of calories in a cup of Starbucks Frappuccino is about 430 calories. To burn it off, it will take nearly five hours of walking. That is half a work day gone! This is an example of using mathematics to make healthier lifestyle choices.

Art Needs Mathematics

Symmetrical patterns, mixing of colours to get the correct hue and making a beautiful sculpture requires mathematics. Angle, volume and pressure all use the principles of mathematics.

Appreciating The History Of Human Civilisation

Calculus, Pythagorean theorem and General relativity are just some of the most beautiful mathematical equations that have helped change our lives. Without these math equations, we will never know how to measure astronomy, signal processing and electricity.

There are a lot more reasons why our children need to learn mathematics. By sending your child to an excellent enrichment centre to attend mathematics lessons, you are giving him or her the edge that he or she needs.

My Experience With Learners Ed

I was invited by Learners Ed to bring Kayden to their Parents-Child Primary 1 Math Preparation Workshop. Conducted by my fellow blogger friend Jenn Lee, attending the prep lessons is essential for every parent. Parents will have a much better understanding of how the primary school mathematics curriculum is taught in Singapore.


So, what are the topics covered in my 4 sessions of P1 mathematics preparation workshop?

My child is exposed to Number Chart which will help him in Number Sequencing, Even/Odd Numbers and Number Bonds. Additionally, with the understanding of Number Chart, he will get to practice the four basic operations of elementary arithmetic. They are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

As the teachers in Learners Ed are MOE trained teachers who are specialists in primary and secondary mathematics education, sending your child to this enrichment centre is a huge plus. Small class sizes and conducive learning environment are two of my utmost essential criteria when comes to choosing an enrichment centre.

Moreover, Learners Ed is located 5 minutes walk away from Potong Pasir MRT station. Usually, enrichment centres situated in neighbourhood areas have affordable school fees.


Want to know more about Learners Ed? You can email them at [email protected] or visit them on their Facebook Page.

Address of my visit
Learners Ed
Block 136, Potong Pasir Ave 3
Singapore 350136

Contact: 6280 0372
Web: https://learners-ed.com

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