In less than a week, I am going to say “Goodbye 2017!” and say “Hello, 2018”. This year was a great year, especially when my baby N was born at Mount Alvernia hospital. Today, I am still waking up two to three times a night to prepare milk for Baby N. Keeping my fingers crossed; I am hoping that he could sleep through the night so that I can get back my beauty sleep!


As my life changes, so did my blog. In the past, I would share my family travelling experiences such as Kyushu and Perth, event coverages, food and product reviews. With my six months old Baby N in the family, I have to focus more on my role as a Dad at home.


Nevertheless, I continue to blog on topics which I love to share. Below are seven brands which I have worked closely with in 2017 and these posts are worth re-visiting them again. The last brand changes my entire life.

Family Staycation With Furama

I enjoy travelling light. Therefore, family travel is so much easier when kids are above three years old. There is no need to packed any diapers, milk powder and milk bottles. Did you know that these baby items can occupy as much as 40% of your luggage space?

With the arrival of Baby N, I have stopped my usual annual family travel. As of now, a family staycation is the best option. This year, I have my family staycation at Furama City Centre and Furama Riverfront. Both are family friendly hotels, but I love Furama Riverfront the most because of its quiet district during the weekends and ocean themed room.


Check out my family staycation experience with the Furama hotels below:

  1.  Furama City Centre Hotel
  2.  Furama RiverFront Hotel

Your Friso Daddy’s Guide

Every family has their preferred brand choice of milk powder Both my children started with Friso milk formula, and I am very excited to work with them in 2017.

Sharing my personal tips. I started off writing about late night leg cramps of my pregnant wife, and the main reason for these pains are due to the lack of potassium in the body. Blending avocado, banana and milk together, I have created a delicious smoothie which helps to prevent my wife from those terrible leg cramps! To make it even more nutritious, try it with Frisomum Gold Stage 0.

Here are my interesting Friso posts from a Dad’s point of view:

  1. Avocado Banana Smoothie For Pregnant And Nursing Mothers
  2. 8 Fun Activities You Need To Try Out This Week
  3. Why My Child’s Nutrition Starts From Me
  4. How To Improve Digestion For Your Child
  5. How To Encourage Your Child To Read
  6. Dad Tips For Better Digestive Health For Your Baby
  7. 8 Tips For Raising Confident Child

Get Protected With Tokio Marine

If you have not gotten any insurance coverage for your child or yourself, you need to read this. We all know that life is fragile and anything could happen to our children or us. Money cannot buy us everything, but at least, money can help us to ease tough financial times.

Therefore, I do strongly encourage parents to get insurance coverage for themselves as well as their children. Read my blog post here: What Is The Number One Fear In Parents.

I Am A Mount Alvernia Dad

When I wrote the article “What I Have Learnt In The Delivery Ward” in my blog, this article caught the attention of the marketing team of Mount Alvernia.

I felt the need to write an article like this so that Daddies can know what to expect in the delivery wards. This is probably one of my most light-hearted blog posts I ever wrote for 2017.

Read this amusing blog post here: What I Have Learnt In The Delivery Ward.

Besides all the happenings in the delivery ward, I have shared about the new food items in Mount Alvernia’s Cafe 820. Healthy and delicious meals for hungry Dads! Read more about it here!


IKEA Can Be Fun!

I am happy to work with IKEA Singapore this 2017. From DIY crafting to turning Kayden into my little kitchen helper, IKEA is a perfect one-stop place for kitchenware, crafting items, household products and food items.


So, what did we do for IKEA? Find out more below:

  1. Thank You IKEA, We Build A Carpark
  2. DIY Ideas: How To Recycle With IKEA
  3. 10 Amazing IKEA Products For My Little Kitchen Helper

This is not my project with IKEA Singapore, but I find this article 100% worth sharing on my blog. Check out the creativity of IKEA here.

Philips Avant And Philips Avance Collection Blender

From lightbulbs to baby products, Philips has almost everything. This year I have collaborated with Philips on their baby and household products.

Philips Avent is popular among all parents because it is affordable and readily available in major supermarkets and maternity stores. I would highly recommend their 2-in-1 electric steriliser because it is really compact in size and I love their redesigned heating plate. Find out more about my review here.

If you love smoothies and juices, check out the latest Philips Avance Collection Blender. This high speed and powerful blender blend any ingredients up to 50% finer. Want to learn more about this blender? Read about my product review here.


Losing 15kg With Absolute Slimming

There are many slimming companies in Singapore which just doesn’t work. They will made you sign expensive slimming packages as well as consuming drugs to help you lose weight. This is the reason why I am very sceptical about slimming companies.


If you have followed my blog and social media carefully, you will know that I have lost a total of 15kg naturally. Thanks to Absolute Slimming, I have dropped from “XXL” size to “M” or “S” size today. Besides all that weight and inch loss, my health has improved a lot. I felt less tired, my knees rarely ache anymore, and I feel good!

Read about my natural slimming journey with Absolute Slimming here.

  1. Absolute Slimming Review: My Weight Loss Story
  2. How Absolute Slimming Helped Me Lose Almost 10kg
  3. How I Transformed After Just 2 Months with Absolute Slimming
  4. My Life After Absolute Slimming

I hope you have enjoyed reading the above blog posts for 2017. See you in 2018! Happy New Year!


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