Of all things, I really did not anticipate that being a Dad, my best assistant is my smartphone. With two little boys attaching to me most of the time, I have to juggle between my day job and family.

To all Dads around the world, Happy Father’s Day in the month of June!

I need time to chill with a cup of hot coffee when both little boys are having their afternoon nap, speak to my good friends while they are overseas, seek advice from people and even to stock up the diapers! With this little device with me every minute, I can do almost everything anytime and anywhere in silence mode. It’s totally stress-reducing, save me lots of time and make my parenting life a little much easier.

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Here are 10 ways which apps have made me a Super Dad. I hope these apps will make you Super too!

“I Have No Time To Get Groceries!”

Sounds familiar? Yup, I fully understand how every parent felt when they saw their fridge almost empty. There are two grocery shopping apps which are my personal favourite, HonestBee and Redmart.

Delivering islandwide on the same day or next day, HonestBee and Redmart offers competitive pricing which helps me in saving money. Sometimes, they have discount promo codes too!


“Can I Skip Fast Food And Eat Something I Like?”

Fast food chains in Singapore like McDonald’s, KFC and Pizza Hut offers food delivery service islandwide. However, if fried food is not on your dinner list or you crave for local delights, why not order your meals using Foodpanda, Deliveroo or UberEats. They have a huge selection of restaurants, cafes and now, even hawker centres. Char Kway Tiao? No problem.


“My House Is In A Mess!”

Kayden would always place his toys, papers and crayons everywhere in the house. A few days later, he will get frustrated because he couldn’t find his favourite toy car. A good way to fix this is to get some storage containers and teach him how to keep his belongings properly. Here is why I love Qoo10 and Lazada.

These online stores have almost everything, from personal healthcare to digital electronic products. Besides Singapore sellers, there are also overseas sellers like China and Hong Kong. Need a robotic vacuum cleaner or an induction cooker? Buy one at Qoo10 or Lazada.

“My Hard Disk Crash!”

With the cloud storage network today, I can backup or share my photographs privately or publicly. There are plenty of these cloud photo storage services today, but I would highly recommend two services. They are Flickr and Google Photos.

Flickr offers 1 TB (1,000 GB) of storage space free for their members. That means I don’t have to worry about space. I can also create albums and set viewing permissions to friends and family only. I can also upload full resolution photographs without worrying about the loss of quality.

Google Photos offers unlimited storage space. Despite my photographs will be compressed when uploaded, the quality is still very impressive. Google Photo has a recognition feature which makes searching for photographs very easy. This is Google.

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“I Miss ‘Bake With Anna Olson’ On Asia Food Channel.”

If you are like me who leisurely enjoys baking and cooking, Pinterest and YouTube are the best places for myself to get interesting recipes around the world.

Pinterest has lots of easy-to-read infographics. Moreover, this social media platform has made recipes much easier to read on screen. While YouTube has tons of recipe videos created and shared by professional chefs and common people like you and me.


“My Baby Has Sensitive Skin, Where Can I Get Advice?”

Google has tons of information about sensitive skin, but if I were to look for a more personal and in-depth advice, I will connect with other parents on Facebook Groups and Google+ Communities. These online groups will allow me to know that I am not alone when facing my baby’s sensitive skin problem.

“Mum Is On Holiday And I Want To Show Her My Newborn Baby.”

Here is why I love WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and FaceTime. I can easily connect with my family and friends who are living far apart from me to break the news “Hey, I got a new baby!” Video calls give a more personal relationship compared to texting and voice calls.

“I Have Created A List Of Things To Pack And My Wife Needs To Know.”

Baby’s cotton balls are running low. Sometimes I will forget about it or my wife and I will make a double purchase. With Apple Notes and Evernote, I could input my checklist whenever I thought of important things. I can also share my notes with my wife so that we keep each other reminded.

“Gosh! How To Put My Baby To Sleep?”

If you want a collection of baby lullabies and white noises, Apple Music is definitely worth subscribing. With $9.98/month for an individual membership or $14.98/month for family membership up to six members, Apple Music allows music to be downloaded into my iOS devices. With this, I don’t need to worry if my Internet is down.

There are also curated playlists to suit my mood of the day. Time to liven up myself when the baby is asleep.


“I Want To Travel With My Baby In Comfort.”

Enter my destination, book and wait for my driver. I am a fan of Grab because of its discount promo codes and newly added reward system for their customers. To save money, I can either use their promo codes or redeem my points for discounts.

When Grab’s booking fee is on the higher side, I would use ComfortDelGro’s booking app as my alternative. Now, I can carry my baby, pram, diaper bag and travel in comfort.

If you have some other great apps that help you to be a Super Dad or Super Mum, share your survival tips below!

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